Born in 2012, the idea behind Petit Fou was created by Paperlux team members Daniela, Jessica, Valentina and Soraya. Paperlux is a Design Studio based in Hamburg, utterly in love with paper. Creating handmade products out of exquisite paper to form an unusual combination was something the growing Petit Fou team could-not-would-not stop thinking about.

After endless trials (and errors), many hours spent talking and drawing and tinkering, we now plucked up the courage to present to you: Our Petit Fou paper clutches!

For now, it only comes in two sizes and six colours! But rest assured that our brains keep churning out new ideas and that we will eventually broaden the product range. Just keep checking back for updates!

We hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we absolutely love making them. If so, let us know at hello@petit-fou.com - a little applause never did any harm. Please also share this site with your sister, your best friend & your husband and generally everyone who would like to give presents to you. Or those who you think might enjoy it.

If you don't like this or us, you can of course also let us know at hello@petit-fou.com - there is always room for improvement!

Lots of love from Hamburg
from Petit Fou